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Choosing a Puppy & Breeder

 Buying a Puppy 

 Dogue De Bordeaux puppy

The first real question to you need to ask yourself is “why” do you want a Dogue de Bordeaux?  Have your researched this breed thoroughly enough and put a lot of genuine thought into owning one of these powerful dogs?  Are the whole family on board with choosing this new member of your family?  Will there be somebody at home during the day with puppy, no puppy should be left alone for long periods of time as this leads to boredom and destructive behavior.   Also if you have another dog have you given much thought as to whether the older dog will accept a new puppy in the household or will there be conflict between them both?  Do you have small children, a large Dogue can easily knock over a small child! Always supervise children with dogs and never leave them unattended together! Do you have a secure location to keep you dog in when you are away from home?  A large Dogue wandering the streets could land you in a lot of trouble! 

Dogue De Bordeaux are a large breed of dog and like every breed it has their fair share of health problems.  Vet bills can run high so insurance is something which should be considered if purchasing a Dogue.  Also can you afford to pay vet bills and insurance when things go wrong? 

Your Dogue should be fed a premium quality food, these come at a high price and large dogs eat a lot of food, can you afford to feed your Dogue?  A cute 8 week old puppy will be an adult for longer than it is a puppy so keep this in mind!

Your puppy will have a lot of adjusting to do in its new home. They will be away from their family for the first time in their lives and they can become a little overwhelmed by it all. Most breeders toilet train their puppies to newspaper or training pads.  It will be up to you now to toilet train your puppy. This takes a lot of time and patience and accidents will happen.  Don’t expect a young pup to refrain from going to the toilet in its house during the night or during the day for that matter. Make sure you have an area where he can relieve himself. NEVER SHOVE A PUPS NOSE INTO ITS DROPPINGS, THIS IS AN OLD WIVES TALE AND DOES NOTHING MORE THAN CAUSE UNNECESSARY DISTRESS TO A PUP.

Dogue De Bordeaux puppy

Have patience and praise your puppy verbally when it goes in its designated toilet area. As soon as the puppy wakes up take it outside to relieve itself and do the same after the puppy has eaten.   Pups will chew when they are teething, it is important that you give your puppy chew toys during this period, if not their idea of a chew toy could be the legs of chairs, table lets, door frames and so on which then in turn leads to the puppy being rehomed as the owner does not want the hassle of it all.  Think carefully before buying a puppy!  Puppy training classes are a great way to socialize your puppy and to give him the manners and training which will not only benefit him for life but also you.  Too many Dogues are being rehomed because not enough time and effort have been put into them.  

Dogues drool, if your house proud they are a no no! 

Also microchip your puppy if not done so already, if it is ever lost or stolen it will be traced back to you.  Your vet can advise you on this matter.


Have you considered re homing a rescue Dogue instead of a puppy?  Most rescues are older Dogues which have been neutered and been assessed for temperament and health issues.  An older dogue is calmer as it is passed the puppy stage and is more likely to be lead trained and house broken and taught the basic commands.  Rescue Dogues are surrendered for a number of reasons which include owners emigrating, being unable to afford to keep the Dogue, moving home and some cases are just pure neglect.  Rescue Dogues are far cheaper than a young puppy and have as much love give! They deserve a second chance in life and you should consider giving a home to a Dogue in need before purchasing a young pup.

Choosing your Puppy

Decide what you want the puppy for, ie. show, stud/brood, pet?

Show and breeding puppies usually cost more than pet puppies so be prepared to pay more. Buy from health tested parents which conform to breed standard and are sound in temperament.  Ask to see the original health tests and if possible ask for a photo copy of the results.  Do not take a breeders word that the parents are tested, ask for proof of the results.  Go to dog shows and have a look at the conformation of the breed and see what you like.  Go and visit as many kennels as you can and don’t be afraid to ask questions or to be questioned back.  Any good breeder will want to know that their puppy is going to the right home.

When going to view puppies take a good look at the premises, make sure they are clean and that the dogs are bright and healthy and not kept in dirty conditions or overcrowded.  Ask to see the dam with the puppies, sometimes it is not possible to see the stud at the breeders premises so try to arrange to go and view him also.  Both sire and dam should have sound temperaments, this should not be overlooked!  Temperament is as important as health!  The puppies should be weaned from their mother and eating solids. 

They should be bright and alert and well socialized.  Stay clear of sickly puppies, what may look harmless at the time could turn into something serious at a later stage.  The puppies should have been wormed regularly with a good quality wormer and should have received at their first vaccination at least.  This should be documented for your records.  The norm is for puppies to leave at 8 weeks, some breeders prefer the puppies to leave when they are older.  Do not take a puppy younger than 8 weeks old!!  Ask the breeder what health tests the parents have had and what their health is like in general.  Do they breed on occasion or do they breed a lot “STAY AWAY FROM PUPPY MILLS”.

Dogue De Bordeaux puppy

Ask about feeding your puppy, the vast majority of good breeders will give you a puppy starter pack which will include health cert, vaccination card, diet sheet, KC registration and a fact sheet on how to rear your puppy and so on.  Ask what guarantee they are giving towards your puppies health. 

Make sure you have this in writing.  If your puppy is endorsed also have a signed contract stating what the endorsement is and what conditions have to be met before it is lifted.  DO NOT BUY AN ENDORSED PUP WITHOUT HAVING A SIGNED CONTRACT FROM THE BREEDER STATING WHAT THE PUPPY HAS BEEN PURCHASED FOR AND WHAT CONDITIONS ARE TO BE MET BEFORE THEY ARE LIFTED. 

It will save a lot of hassle later on if this is done correctly. Ask for a receipt outlining the price you paid for the puppy and stating whether it has been sold as a pet, show or brood/stud.  The majority of good breeders will give a sales contract.   The breeder should be willing to offer you support and advice for your new puppy and for the duration of your puppies life.  Be prepared to leave a deposit on a puppy that you choose, do not hand over the full amount for your puppy until the day you are picking it up and make sure you receive the KC paperwork on the same day.   

Never buy on impulse or buy from a breeder who is trying to push a puppy on you, they are only interested in money, a good breeder will want you take your time and think things through before you commit yourself to buying the puppy.  Have the puppy checked by your vet within 24 hours of purchase for a full health check.

Do not buy a Dogue to make money from it, it only leads to hardship and despair for the Dogue as most are abandoned or sold old cheap when people realize it is costing them money instead of the other way around.  Just because it says Dogue de Bordeaux on the paperwork doesn’t mean it should be bred from!!! 

Be prepared to pay more for a puppy from health tested parents.  This gives you peace of mind that your puppies chances of developing  a health problem later in life are lessoned.