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Fund Raising

We're trying to raise £1,500 to HELP raise funds for our DDB Foster boy

Gibson because he needs a Cruciate Ligament Operation.

Gibson is currently in foster in Newcastle.

*** UPDATE on Gibson's Fund Raiser (16 January 2016)*** 

As of 16 January 2016, we have managed to raise nearly 50% (£881.01) of the cost of Gibson's cruciate ligament operation that includes post care medication. 

A very big THANK YOU to all of our friends and supporters of the rescue that have enabled us to raise the £881.01 through sale of rescue calendars for 2016, on-line auctions of items very kindly donated by our friends and supporters and also direct donations from our friends and supporters.

A very big
THANK YOU to Jonathan at Moorview Vets in Newcastle for providing the £1,800 discounted quotation for our rescue and also very kindly agreeing to 50% of the £1,800 that we need to raise to be paid on the day of Gibson's operation and the remainder to be paid over the 3 months following Gibson's operation. A very big THANK YOU also to Melissa at Moorview Vets for liaising with the rescue and prompt communications. Moorview Vet's appreciated payment flexibility allows Gibson to have the operation sooner than what would otherwise have been possible. We are liaising with Melissa at Moorview Vets to book Gibson's appointment date and will keep you all posted.

Our fund raising continues for Gibson and if you would like to visit our auction page and peruse what items we have to auction, please visit

To make a donation towards Gibson's operation, please visit our website home page and click on the ''Donate'' Paypal button.

If you would like to reserve a rescue calendar for 2016, our next batch of calendars will be available the first week in February and if you would like a picture of your dogue including in the calendar, please e-mail and include a maximum of 3 pictures.

A HUGE THANK YOU to every one involved in Gibson's fund raiser. We will keep you all up to date with Gibson's post operative care and recovery along with pictures.

Much love from
Gibson, Gibson's foster mummy and the team at DDBR&R.