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History of the Dogue De Bordeaux

Historical Dogue De Bordeaux

There have been many articles written regarding the origins of the Dogue De Bordeaux but the truth is nobody really knows. That information has long ago been lost in history.

The French Mastiff is an ancient breed of Alaunt origin, related to the old Spanish, English and Italian mastiffs of Roman times. Its French heritage is often disputed, seeing how the Bordeaux region of France was ruled by English Kings, which are thought to have brought their mastiffs and bull dogues with them, where they interbred with local hounds and cattle dogs. Dogs of this type existed all over Europe, so it's most likely that the French Dogue and the English Mastiff were mutually influential.

There were also the smaller fighting breeds, such as the Doguin d'Aquitaine and Bouledogue du Midi, as well as the giant Toulouse Bulldog that contributed to the development of early working French Mastiffs. Working dogs of Spain, such as the Alano Espanol and the Perro de Toro Espanol are believed to have had an influence on the early French baiting dogs, also. The modern French Mastiff was developed by crossing the best representatives of the Parisien, Bordelais and Toulousain mastiffs, all of which are considered by most authorities to be different types of the same French Mastiff breed.

Historical Dogue De Bordeaux

This is only one of the many speculative explanations of our breeds origins, but hey, who really cares. It is enough for most of us that they are here at all, think about it, Hitler did a great job on wiping out our breed and by 1945 there were under 10 breeding pairs in the world. It is thanks to Professor Raymont Triquet and people like him that we are able to enjoy this breed today.

Whether you are a breeder, an owner or even if you just like the breed but don’t own a Dogue, my belief is it isn’t just a dog, this breed is something really special and resiliant, history dosen’t lie, in the last 100 years it has moved on from something that resembled the cane corso to what we have today, it has adapted to man and to other animals.

Mankind could learn a lot from the Dogue De Bordeauxs journey through history, don’t you think......?