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Is this the Breed for you?

Without any doubt, anyone who visits a litter of Dogue De Bordeaux puppies can fall in love with their wrinkly faces and playful temperament, when they can be held in your arms and cuddled for hours.

Does this mean a DDB is for you and your family?  The answer is NO........

That cute bundle soon grows into a giant bundle that still craves those cuddles on your knee but has no idea he can no longer fit there!

You can expect you puppy to grow and fill out until around the age of 2 years (if not longer) and will need to be fed accordingly, but whatever method of feeding you decide on, the quantity is never going to be the same as that of a Chihuahua.

Your bundle will also want to love everyone else they come into contact with, so early socialisation and training is essential.  Your 10stone Dogue should know who he can play with and when.  They are a very clam tempered breed but also protective over, and devoted to their family.  They can be stubborn and arrogant as well as dominant, which is another reason early socialisation with children and other dogs is essential.

Although some breeders advise not to over exercise your puppy, as they grow, they will need walks and playtime, just like any other breed.  Dogues can get bored easily, so having time to spend with them is essential or you could come home to a distressed and destructive friend.

More and more insurance companies are now insuring our breed, but it’s still a good idea to get some quotes BEFORE you buy your puppy.  Leaving it to chance or worse still, having no insurance, could cost you dearly in vet bills later down the line.

One last thing to consider before choosing the Dogue De Bordeaux is SLOBBER.

It can and does get everywhere, up the walls, over the floors, down your best outfit and the kids freshly washed school uniform!

<3 If you have what it takes to welcome the dog described above into your home, your heart and your family, then YES... A DDB is right for you! <3