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We would like to share with you some of the testimonials received:

Sally Dunphy 26/03/2014
Hi I've got an unsociable dogue puppy and I needed advice. I contacted ddbrr and they gave me good advice. He is still under training but I won't give up on him. Thanks ddbrr.

David William Phillipson 26/03/2014
After the wife, louie our ddb rescue dog is my best mate a big thank you to Simone and ddbr&r for the chance to own such a brilliant dog.The help and advice when needed has been first class. We cannot thank her enough. (the dog comes first really but don't tell the wife).

Lisa Ellison Stoker 26/03/2014
Hi, we adopted Maxi in January, he is the most gorgeous dogue in the world. Dont know how people give them up, I would live on beans on toast forever if I had too. Thank you Simone and Lee for all your help, especially with the travel arrangements picking him up. X

Michael West 11/07/2012
Hi my name is Michael. I recently contacted Dogue De Bordeaux Re-homing and Rescue enquiring about re homing my DDB female as her and my other dog were not getting on so with much reluctance i agreed that re homing was the only option left.

Dogue De Bordeaux Re-homing and Rescue were brilliant from the start. I did not want her to go into kennels but a new home and family if it was possible. Within a week she had a new home and family who send me regular updates on her well being which is of great comfort as she was very dear to me.

The two ladies Michelle and Simone from the rescue center were were very comforting when the time came to hand my DDB Tess over to them to be taken to her new home i cannot thank them enough for the help and re assurances they have given me and the hard work they put into re homing her i now consider them as friends and will be forever in their debt.

Kathy Welham 11/06/2012                                       
I'm very grateful for all your help in rehoming Lilo, and the owner also sends her thanks to you. I hope Lilo and her new family will be really happy and that she will have a good, healthy life with them.
I'm sorry I couldn't offer to do any more driving for you, but it's not possible for me to be away from home much at the moment. I was very glad I was able to take Lilo.

Best wishes, and good luck with DDBRR rescue. I hope it goes from strength to strength!

Dave Phillipson 11/05/2012              

After a rocky start with louie and a great home visit from both Simone and Michelle we now have one very contented DDB who is life and soul of the family. A BIG thank you to both of you.

Sarah Warrington 11/05/2012
I adopted Mitch and currently fostering Stomper.
When I first contacted you I spoke to Simone who was very helpful and who came straight out to do my home check and they found Mitch for us. Simone has been a star as she is always there even now for any help and support. I have since met Michelle as well who is lovely too
Without your rescue I wouldn't like to imagine what would happen to these beautiful dougues I would have a house full of them if I had the room.
I think you all are amazing for all the hard work that you all do xx

Rachel Hayes 28/05/2013
The tears have started falling as the weekend finally dawns.
We say goodbye to our kara, our Dogue of all Dogs
We know she will be well looked after, loved as much as we love her too, but nothing can ease the heartbreak of giving her to you.

She's pulled us through the bad times, with her exuberant personality, the memories she's provided just like family.
The bald patches in the lawn, where she likes to play, run around wild young at heart everyday.
Her ginger hair, I will miss, the Hoover out every day, her slobbery kisses for dad will never fade away. 

A Dogue is a special friend I'm sure you will agree, something that cannot be replaced so easily, a big void in our hearts, but a life time of thoughts, and memories, We hope her new family gets to enjoy all this too.

The Dogue De Bordeux Re-homing and Rescue, we have nothing but praise for you, for allowing us to do this our own way, to Simone simply thank you!

Rachel Morgan
I have only recently become involved with DDBR&R, after offering to foster a Dogue in February. A homecheck was very quickly arranged for me and Deano came to stay at the beginning of March. Janice has been my contact throughout and I can only say that my experience with the rescue has been an extremely positive one. Janice is a truly lovely lady who obviously cares deeply for what she does and, to me, that is a reflection of the rescue as a whole. I requested a vet check for Deano while he was in my care and, again, this was arranged for me quickly with no problems. I have felt able to phone or email at any time and know that I have the full support of the rescue behind me.
As a foster carer it's very easy to quickly become attached to your foster dog, which I did with Deano. He was only with me for 5 weeks before being adopted and I was heartbroken when he left. Although I was no longer "doing my job" for the rescue Janice was still there on the end of the phone, checking that I was ok and giving me updates on Deano's progress with his new family.
It is my opinion that DDBR&R is a dedicated rescue run by a team of ladies who truly care about what they do and who will "go the extra mile" not only for the Dogues but also for the people who become involved with them, whether they be foster carers, adoptive families or just someone wanting advice.
Although I'm having a break from fostering for a while I hope to have another Dogue in my care in the not too distant future and I'm looking forward to playing a small part in DDBR&R for a long time to come.