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A very warm welcome to 'Dogue De Bordeaux Rehoming & Rescue' and we hope that you enjoy perusing our website  and find it of interest. If you don't find what you looking for, you're very welcome to contact us


Main reasons for our existance

Over the years, the breed has attracted a traffic of back street breeders whose main concern has been to breed and ‘cash in’ by selling puppies. Cross breeding now exists, with rottweilers and shar-peis for example, dangerously meddling with the breed's temperament. So called reputable breeders have continued to breed knowing of genetic organ defects.  Some see the Dogue as a status symbol and impulse buy, without an understanding of the breed. All this and a lack of education and understanding is resulting in an alarmingly increase in the number of rescues. The Dogues value has fallen due to an increase in supply and the Dogues' welfare is sometimes taking a back seat.

The main reason for our existance is to re-home and rescue Dogue De Bordeauxs and prevent Dogues finding themselves in large rescue dogs' homes, lost with the vast number of others and just becoming another breed. We work closely with fellow dog rescues to be the first point of contact if they acquire a Dogue. We have the understanding, knowledge and expertise for this breed. We understand the breed traits and characteristics and have ensured we have in-house expertise covering psychology, medical and training isssues.

Our biggest obstacle with some of the public is overcoming the stigma of a rescue Dogue. Many assume they are troubled/unruly/damaged. They aren't! Many Dogues require new homes because of a change in owners' circumstances, eg, relationship breakdowns/financial difficulties/moving abroad/death of owner. Others because they have served their purpose as breeding machines and thrown out on the streets. One lady who adopted a rescue dogue, dedicated so much time, love and training in her dogue, the dogue has reached a good enough standard to enter the ring and compete. Her story will follow in the coming weeks.

You will witness  change that is positive for the breed. Change will be achieved through hard work, dedication, commitment and an endeavour to share our knowledge and improve education. We need your backing and want you to be part of this. We need your help and support, at a time when Dogue neglect is on the increase.

About: Simone Holmes-Gwillim                         

Simone Holmes-Gwillim

I’ve grown up with large breed dogs all my life and was lucky enough to join the Dogue community over 10 years ago when I bought Elsa. It is so true what people say, a DDB does change your life. Elsa has since had puppies and I kept 2 of her puppies, Khana and Chester. I currently own a grand daughter of Elsa, Miesha, and 2 of her daughters Nika and Nyla, and my boy Simon who is approaching 10 years old.

I have always been around dogs and if I'm honest, alot of the time, understand them much more than people!